Nomos Table

Norman Foster design
Table with steel structure and crystal top
Dimensions cm: 180 x 80
2D dwg files
1:100 Scale dwg file (meters)
Conversion from meters to feet: a fast and fairly accurate system consists in scaling the drawing by multiplying the value of the unit of measurement in meters by 3.281

Nomos Table
Manufacturer: Tecno
Design: Norman Foster

Office furniture, like the office environment itself, must adapt to different work trends. The Nomos concept is based on a previous foray into furniture design. In 1981, when the studio moved to a larger space, no catalog of furniture on the market offered tables that could be used for holding meetings and for drawing or exhibiting. Therefore, we designed a custom table (which, with some design changes, was subsequently used at the Swindon Renault distribution center) and a laboratory produced a small series. When, subsequently, the Italian furniture manufacturer Tecno commissioned the development of that project from the studio, he requested a system that fully exploited the space in the system, which integrated the wiring and could be easily reconfigured. The concept of Nomos (Greek term meaning "fair distribution") is based on the relationship between users and the space they occupy. The core of the design is a precision kit whose components can be combined to configure customized work environments, both individual and group. The starting point is the base, to which are added legs, feet, supports, worktops and superstructures, while the wiring passes through the inside of a vertebra-shaped duct. With its distinctive separate feet, the desk evokes a landing module or a grasshopper with a thin body and thin legs. Thanks to this extremely stable frame, the system allows you to integrate shelves, storage spaces, screens, lighting and signaling; that is to say, it forms a whole that is governed by the ergonomics of the human body, both in a seated and upright position. In 1999, Tecno commissioned a new table to commemorate the new millennium. For a long time, tables with rectangular and circular panels predominated. However, other classic forms have also been studied, with more uniform curves, which have also allowed to improve eye contact from both ends of the table. In keeping with this more informal approach, the main structure is also expressed in a palette of bright colors (red, yellow or blue), while the rest of the elements are finished in bright chrome. There is also the option of a more classic aesthetic with a chromed structure and secondary elements in black.

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3D office table 05


Workstations 16


3D office table 01


3D drawing board


Workstations 17


Drafting machine 02


3D Drafting machine 03


Worktops 02


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