Vertical garden operation

Scale 1:100

Components and functioning of a vertical garden

The section provides in sequence:

The masonry, building or wall purposely constructed to be covered with greenery

Steel frame supporting structure for anchoring to the building, separating the vegetation surface creating a cavity that prevents water infiltration

Rigid insulating plastic panel, prevents cultivation water from wetting the wall

Polypropylene geotextile

Irrigation pipe in polypropylene

Water enriched with microelements / fertilizers. Each sector, based on the needs of the different plant species, has more or less water

Two layers of reinforced polyamide felt act as a culture medium for the roots. The irrigation pipes in polypropylene are placed between the layers. The felt layer as a sort of sponge, does not compact like the normal molds, expels the excess water remaining always light, porous and oxygenated, thus avoiding the asphyxia of the root systems and favoring their development.
The external felt layer can be equipped with a series of pockets to insert the different vegetal essences

Water recovery tank in the lower part of the green wall a tank collects excess water which can be recycled

Technological system for the fertigation system.

Room or technical room near the vertical garden

Recommended CAD blocks

Vegetal wall 01


Vertical garden on a wall 01


Vertical garden operation


Vegetal wall with and without structure


Vertical garden on a wall 02


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