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29 June 2023

The drafting machine is a technical drawing assistance tool composed of a square (or pair of rulers bound in an orthogonal way) mounted on a protractor that allows angular rotation.
Until recently, the drafting machine was an inevitable element in the studio of architects, engineers and surveyors. In fact, the drafting machine is the work surface on which the ideas that were transformed into projects were concretized. The drafting machine is a large table that has the possibility of assuming various positions, both horizontally and vertically. An indispensable tool in a drafting machine is the "arm", consisting of two elements joined by a joint, one end is fixed in the upper part of the drafting machine the other by means of a circular element with the function of protractor holds two lines that form a right angle .
In older drafting machines, the movement of the group was ensured by a system of parallelogram arms that allowed the teams to be kept in position while the group was moving. The arms were then balanced by means of a system of counterweights or springs.

With the advent of cad and software of all kinds, first of all Autocad, the old drafting machine has been partially supplanted. The drafting machine is however almost always present in the studios of many architects, more as a piece of furniture than as a real work tool. They were built in the past in fact very aesthetically beautiful drafting machines that are able to infuse more style and class to the office, of particular value are those in wood and cast iron. Although they may be less used, drafting machines are always on the market for those who need a broad plan to draw, plan or graphically express their ideas.

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