F. Cederna – R. Capellini – G. Vazzola

Degree thesis in Architectural Design

Former Falck areas in Sesto S.giovanni (Milan)
Preservation of the historical memory of places as a matrix for the development of the reuse project

Cederna Filippo - Capellini Rinaldo - Vazzola Gabriele

Polytechnic of MILAN - Second Faculty of CIVIL ARCHITECTURE - Campus Bovisa
Speaker: Prof. Arch. Christian Campanella
Supervisor: Prof. Arch. Francesco Boffi

The thesis deals with the reuse of the former Falck areas in Sesto S.giovanni (Milan) and we have proposed in it to present an alternative project starting from assumptions that are quite different from those of speculation and pure image that are on the order of day in the city of Milan.
We also put ourselves in a different and alternative way with respect to the project that is about to be implemented in the area, whose author now everyone knows to be Renzo Piano.