Claudio Guerrieri

Degree thesis in Architectural Design

CCCPP - Center for Contemporary Cultures in Porta Portese, Rome

Thesis by Claudio Guerrieri
Sapienza University of Rome - Faculty of Architecture - five-year degree thesis U.E.
Speaker: Prof. Luca Reale
A.A. 2012 - 2013

The area under study is located near the historic center of Rome delimited by the Gianicolensi walls with Porta Portese, hence the name of the famous market, via delle Mura Portuensi and via Portuense. It is mostly occupied by a bus depot, an industrial archeology artefact, and by its continuous fence that prevents it from being crossed and used, from an area of ​​archaeological interest and from the urban police car park, whose structure was a hangar from the Second World War that Hitler gave to Mussolini for his seaplane.
The area is part of a wider intervention project of the Municipality of Rome which includes a work of enhancement throughout the area between via Portuense, via di Porta Portese, the port of Ripa Grande and the base of the Aventino pedestrian and environmental.
We seek dialogue with the surrounding landscape without prevailing, eliminating the existing fences that prevent crossing, and looking for comparison with the existing but without mimetic solutions: the use of new materials such as perforated cor-ten steel panels works from a perfect link between past, present and future - the rust color underlies a link with the historical pre-existences as well as the diamond-point rustication of the panels relates to the fortifications -. The original features of the hangar, which is converted into a cultural center, are preserved, that is, the structure is left completely visible while the panels inside are covered with backlit translucent white polycarbonate. At night the hangar surface becomes an artificial light diffuser like a lamp. Containers and other volumes are positioned inside the covered / open space for the various activities connected to each other by pedestrian walkways and terraces with the possibility of being used together or separately.

The redevelopment project proposal involves the recovery and refunctionalization of the urban police car park at Centro per le Contemporanea in Porta Portese - CCCPP, the construction of temporary residences for artists and cultural operators, and the reorganization of the open spaces up to the Tiber river . A range of recreational offerings such as the skate park, the climbing wall, the graffiti wall, the play area for children, the lawn, and the large space for outdoor shows allows local residents to meet through physical activity and games. The continuous paving of the square is 100% permeable and environmentally sustainable, with the use of a special draining concrete that recycles rainwater. The project is completed by a "pedestrian walk" on the historic walls that connects Viale Trastevere to the river and bike-sharing with the bicycle workshop.