Textures for rendering

Travertine is a chemical-type calcareous sedimentary rock, widely used in construction because it is robust, compact and resistant.
It is one of the most used materials ever for the construction of floors and walls in general, thanks to its technical characteristics and the numerous varieties of colors and finishes, it boasts many architectural solutions present in every era.

The main varieties of travertine are:
Classic Travertine of which a variant is Navona.
Travertine Alabastrino, marble extractable in the quarries of Tivoli.
Travertine Corteccia.
Travertine Michelangelo, used by Buonarroti to build Piazza del Campidoglio.
Travertine White, also used for the creation of sculptures.
Roman Travertine, used as a building stone since Roman times and for the construction of the most famous works in the capital.
Travertino Vesta, takes its name from the Temple of Vesta in Rome, whose colonnade was made with this material.