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REGENERA AWARD - Doing With 2022 (2nd edition) International call for regeneration projects

Rigenera Award 2022

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08 July 2022

Reggio Emilia, July 7, 2022


In Reggio Emilia an award for contemporary architecture protagonist of regeneration interventions.
Starting today and until September 5, 2022, registration is open for the second edition of the RIGENERA Award, conceived by the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of the Province of Reggio Emilia together with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the Urban Transformation Company “Reggiane” Spa.

The RIGENERA Prize, the only one of its kind, was created with the intention of enhancing and making known to a wide audience those works of regeneration that best represent quality contemporary architecture, taking up that vision of sustainable development that the city of Reggio Emilia has been pursuing for years: a different approach, to generate something new, useful and beautiful. This year’s edition is entitled “Doing With,” and, like the festival in general, the prize also has the ambition to bring the world of architecture into dialogue with other disciplines; to reflect precisely on the role of architecture in society and to reason about the positive development of the territory.

“The architecture of tomorrow,” argues Andrea Rinaldi, president of the Reggio Emilia Order of Architects P.P.C., “must be designed to integrate, regenerate, distribute; protecting the planet and the species that live on it. Instead of aiming to “do less worse,” it can aspire to “do more and better,” learning to use what we have available. Before venturing into wiping things out, care can be taken to take care of what is already there. Only in this way can unthinkable results be achieved, assigning new value to what already exists. “Doing with” encapsulates this spirit, and this is what we want to reward with the second edition of the Rigenera award, to bring the merits and potential of positive architecture back into the public debate.”

Individual or associated professionals, architectural or engineering firms, and public administrations from any country can nominate works of urban redevelopment, existing buildings, and any other project that has concrete significance in terms of regeneration, as long as it has been realized and completed within the last 7 years (after 01-01-2015). Each participant will be allowed to nominate up to two projects, and works that are newly built or presented in the previous edition of Rigenera will not be accepted.

The jury will award three medals – Gold, Silver, Bronze – evaluating originality, efficacy and impact of the work, such as to define innovative solutions from a territorial transformation perspective that focuses on people and the quality of relationships. The committee will also consider the awarding of possible Honorable Mentions for other deserving projects.

The award ceremony will take place during the Rigenera Festival, in Reggio Emilia on September 30, 2022 at a location to be determined.
The jury will include academics, urban planners and architects, and experts in the private and public sectors: Chiara Tonelli (Professor of Architectural Technology, University of Roma Tre), acting as chairman, Gabriele Lelli (Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition, University of Ferrara), Massimo Magnani (Director of Competitiveness Area of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia), Andrea Rinaldi (Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition, University of Ferrara), Simone Sfriso (Architect, Founding Partner of Tamassociati).

The Prize is part of the larger project RIGENERA – Festival of Architecture, conceived by the Reggio Emilia Order of Architects, with the participation of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, the “Reggiane” Urban Transformation Company and the Orders of Architects P.P.C. of Modena, Parma, Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Ferrara, Rimini, Ravenna and Piacenza, under the patronage of the National Council of Architects PPC and Federation of Orders of Architecture Emilia-Romagna. With the participation of international exponents and the main cultural, social and economic realities of the city, meetings open to all citizens are scheduled, spread over several days and in different places emblematic of regeneration and quality architecture in Reggio Emilia. Dedicated conferences and workshops are also planned for professionals. An opportunity for culture, training and, more generally, communication of the figure of the architect.

The appointment with RIGENERA – Festival of Architecture is in Reggio Emilia from September 22 to October 1. More information about the festival and events will be announced in the coming weeks.

It will be possible to register for the RIGENERA Award by completing the form at and submitting materials by 6 p.m. on 05/09/2022.

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