Technical drawing squares

The team, a tool for drawing, tracing and designing

Square tool for drawing, tracing and designing

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Technical drawing tools

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29 June 2023

Squadre disegno tecnico

The square is a tool for drawing, tracing and designing. It is shaped like a right triangle and is often used with the ruler to draw perpendicular segments, squareness checks, etc.
It is constructed of plastic, metal or wood and exists in two variations: in one, the hypotenuse forms a 30° and a 60° angle with the cathexes, while in the other it forms two 45° angles. One of the cathexes, also called wings, is usually graduated.

They are almost always sold in pairs and are triangular-shaped tools with a right angle. A square is isosceles, with two angles of 45°, and a scalene, with angles of 30° and 60°. Used together they make it possible to draw parallel and perpendicular lines and, in combination, to make angles of various sizes.

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