Calm space symbol

Scale 1:100 (meters)

The dimensions of the quiet space must be such as to be able to accommodate all occupants with disabilities on the floor in compliance with the minimum gross surfaces indicated, i.e. 0.70 m2 / walking person and / or 2.25 m2 / non-walking person.

Calm space

The calm space, defined by the Fire Prevention Code, is a temporary safe place where the occupants can wait for assistance to complete the escape to a safe place. Therefore, since it is a particular safe place, always by definition this is a place inside or outside the buildings in which there is no imminent danger for the occupants who stay there or pass through it in case of fire.

In other words, it is a compartmentalized room (at least REI30 and with closing elements at least E30-Sa) within which all those occupants for whom it is impossible to leave the building via the vertical escape routes can access it, and wait for help. In some cases it is possible to obtain it inside the protected stairwell, while in others a dedicated room is provided.

The definition in the new version of the code

Calm Space: In order to allow occupants to wait and receive assistance, the Calm Space must:

a) be contiguous and communicating with or inserted into an escape route, without constituting an obstacle to the escape;

b) have dimensions such as to be able to accommodate all occupants of the floor who need them, in compliance with the minimum surfaces per occupant.

Temporary safe place: a place where the risk of fire is temporarily negligible for the occupants who are stationed or passing through; this risk refers to a fire in specified areas of activity, other than the place considered.

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