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Design suggestions
Particular attention must be paid to the layout of the shooting range, be it the registered office or other space occasionally used for shooting activities, in relation to the possible presence of the public and the type of use of the neighboring areas.
The measures necessary to ensure safe sporting activity are indicated below, in accordance with the current technical standards, valid for the organization of competitions.
It is reasonable to hypothesize differentiated solutions according to the characteristics of the land and the usable spaces, as well as the type of activity practiced, subject to the risk assessment carried out by the safety officers as indicated in these guidelines.

Shooting Field Safety (Italian language)

Archery Facility Planning Guide

We also report:
in compliance with the provisions of art. 12, paragraph 2 of the CONI Rules for Sports Facilities approved by the National Council with resolution no. 1379 of 25 June 2008, Fitarco establishes that for competitive, non-competitive sports and archery, this discipline requires adequate sanitation services for the number of participants simultaneously present on the field, divided into men and women, plus a hygiene service for people with disabilities.

The practice of both competitive, non-competitive and exercise archery, as a sport with low cardio-circulatory commitment and therefore with hygienic-sanitary needs not comparable to other sports (football, volleyball, basketball, athletics, etc.) NO NEED for changing rooms for both men and women, much less showers for both athletes and competition judges.

If the structure is suitable as a competition area, it must have adequate number of hygienic services, including mobile ones, as well as an anti-doping room and infirmary. Should the sports facility host national or international competitions, it will have to increase the aforementioned toilets, due to the presence of the public, even with mobile facilities separate from those serving the athletes.

For all that is not explicitly mentioned in this regulation, please refer to the current CONI legislation.

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