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Modern design entrance

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04 November 2022

One of the most complex home environments to design is that of the entrance; for a long time considered a mere passage area, today it is claiming its fundamental importance. In fact, the modern design entrance, in addition to providing the first impression to guests, since it is the home environment it welcomes, must also be functional.
From the point of view of the chosen style, it needs to be consistent with the other rooms of the house, so as to represent a preview without dominating anyone.

Below is a short guide useful to implement the best choices to obtain a practical and aesthetically valuable entrance.

The starting point: the size

As with all domestic environments, before making any type of choice it is good to consider the space available. It is important that the environment is functional but not overloaded with furniture and decorations. It will be good to pay attention to the needs of those who live spaces every day and carefully choose colors, finishes and accessories, in order to make everything harmonious and light. If the size allows it, you can insert some elements that will prove to be really useful: a corner “empty pockets” with console, umbrella stand and coat rack, an area for storing shoes with a storage bench, decorations such as paintings and mirrors.

In most cases, the largest entrances are those that overlook the open spaces used as a living area. Once inside the house, you will notice the kitchen or the living room and for this it will be good to make all three rooms a real visual continuum. To this end, it is possible to insert, where possible, built-in wall cabinets, so as to be minimal and at the same time very functional. The colors and style must be the same and the light must be calibrated correctly to always guarantee optimal comfort. The entrance space will be treated in detail, avoiding unnecessary decorations and too showy furnishings but choosing a few design pieces that are also useful.

Modern entrance: neutral colors and natural materials for furnishings and accessories in the entrance
Modern entrance: neutral colors and natural materials for furnishings and accessories in the entrance

If the space is smaller, it is necessary to make very careful choices about what is really necessary, opting for full-height mirrors that will expand the sense of depth and neutral colors that will give greater light to small rooms. In the case of large and shallow corridors, the optimal idea is to insert small wall elements such as nails and coat hooks or small paintings and mirrors. These solutions will help to have everything at hand and give personality to the walls. Even the colors and the light must be chosen in the best possible way: light and pastel shades are preferable, which dilate the space. As for the light, avoid hanging lamps, in favor of LED cuts on the walls or ceiling lights.

Consoles and benches: undisputed queens of the entrance

We have already mentioned how important entering the house is to convey the first sensations and emotions to those who visit us. For this reason, one of the aspects that must be taken care of concerns visual and functional comfort. Each piece of furniture and accessory must be placed in the right position, to be useful and also beautiful to look at. A designer entrance furniture must be chosen to meet the needs of the people who live in the house. First of all, it must be practical and useful for maintaining order in the environment: in the case of large families or with children, a piece of furniture in which to put outerwear and footwear will be perfect when entering the house.
A valid alternative is represented by the benches that offer a comfortable seat and storage spaces underneath. In this way, in addition to having everything at hand when needed, hygiene and accommodation will be guaranteed.

Another practical solution is to have a support surface as soon as you enter; it will be indispensable for storing keys, objects and the mail just picked up from the letterbox. In the case of small spaces, a small console with an exposed structure will suffice, without drawers and much lighter than the sideboard, perfect instead in rooms with more generous dimensions.

As for the solutions designed to increase the perception of spaces or to increase their aesthetic value, it is not so obvious how and where to place them. An example is given by the mirrors that must be chosen in size and shape and must be strategically positioned. Better to avoid hanging them behind the door or in a perfectly specular way with respect to this, while it is preferable to decentralize them, place them on the ground or choose them in full-height solutions. The shapes vary from square to rectangular, up to round and oval mirrors, which perform more of an aesthetic function than of utility.

Light: indispensable companion for a comfortable entrance

An aspect that should not be underestimated is the lighting of this type of environment which often has no openings and therefore no natural light. In fact, it is necessary to carefully choose the luminaires and analyze their type and light intensity. In fact, it is good that the entrance is not dark and cramped but neither excessive brightness is correct, which would tend to blind and be unsuitable for an environment that usually has small dimensions. Sometimes, in the design phase, it is good to foresee luminaires embedded in the wall or cuts on the walls designed ad hoc to provide accent lighting. If the dimensions are small it is better to avoid suspensions and chandeliers in favor of spotlights and LED ceiling bars.

To view some types of luminaires click here

Example of corridor with recessed LED lights for a total white entrance
Recessed LED lights for a total white entrance

The colors also contribute to the increase of brightness in the environment: the light tones will help to expand the space and make it more livable. If you want to give more personality to the entrance, without making it a detached area from the rest of the house, you can color the walls with wallpaper inserts or decorations, always in neutral tones.

The extra touch

Once the main aspects that need to be considered in the design of an entrance have been clarified, it will be possible to make this space unique and make some improvements in order to make it more beautiful and comfortable.

It is good that the style of the whole house is the same: if you are a lover of contemporary furniture, essential lines and light colors with some black details and materials such as metal and glass will dominate. If, on the other hand, you love the Scandinavian style, the colors will be taken directly from nature as well as the fibers of the textiles and bleached wood. Even for those who feel more creative and appreciate the boho or shabby style, the solutions are many and will refer to recycling and originality. Regardless of personal tastes, the entrance must follow the common thread of the entire home, dressing with a look that is consistent with the other environments. In the case of a narrow and long entrance, a colored runner, wall decorations and a hanging console with light materials and minimal shapes can embellish an apparently narrow space.

The added value will be given by the choice of useful objects such as empty pockets and hangers and decorative elements such as paintings and mirrors. Finally, some green inserts will also help make the environment aesthetically better and even more livable. A plant that does not need too much light or a vase of flowers on the sideboard in the entrance will be the best elements to welcome guests and make the air of the house cleaner.

Here is an example of a creative moodboard, a starting point for making the correct choices

Example of a creative mood board for the entrance to the house, a starting point for making the correct choices. Author: Chiara Del Core

Moodboard © Chiara Del Core


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