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03 February 2020

Armored door: types to choose from?

Increasingly, the need for security within the home walls pushes the inhabitants to adopt measures that can meet their needs: first of all, the security door. Since it represents the connecting element between the outside and the house, it also constitutes the defense weapon against the unwanted incursion of thieves.

For this reason, before choosing the product that convinces you, you need to pay attention to some aspects from a technical and aesthetic point of view. The first factor, perhaps the most important, is represented by the level of security that the door is able to ensure. In this regard, there is a real subdivision into anti-burglary classes, according to which it is possible to choose the most suitable door according to the context in which the house is located, its type and the turnout of people in the specific place. In this way, each door is certified according to a European safety regulation.

It is important to specify how any type of choice is closely related to the type of home because it is easy to understand how the door of an independent villa is more exposed to danger than that of an apartment inserted in a condominium context with concierge. The value of the class of the armored door is directly proportional to its resistance and consequently to the level of security it can guarantee to the user.
The first two classes provide minimal protection and therefore are used only in non-residential contexts. The third and fourth class are the most suitable for condominium apartments and detached houses and houses respectively. The last two classes, on the other hand, provide the highest level of security and are designed for use in banks, jewelers and buildings where a high level of protection is required.

Closely linked to the security level of the door, the lock is provided with a variable number of locking points, from a cylinder and a defender. The greater the number of points, the greater the security, as long as the cylinder, or the heart of the lock, is well protected by the defender, a steel boss which, if well anchored, prevents the door from being forced. For this purpose, it is good that the door is equipped with the anti card lock and the anti lever lock and that the defender is shaped or anti-drill.

Another aspect to consider in order to implement the best choice concerns the thermal and acoustic insulation of each armored door. If it is an external door, greater resistance to atmospheric agents will be necessary, while if a condominium door is required, it should be a valid barrier to noise, dust and cold air coming from the stairwell. In the latter case, the choice is strictly linked to the appearance of the door present in the other apartments: in fact, precise condominium rules apply which determine the type of external panel that the door must have, in order to ensure consistency and stylistic continuity in the entire property.
As for the internal panel of the door, on the other hand, you have full freedom of choice, being able to opt for one of the countless solutions on the market (smooth, worked, colored, etc..).

To install an armored door to replace the old one, no special permits are required since it is considered a free building intervention. From the point of view of materials, the absolute most used is the steel that constitutes the frame, the leaves in the form of foils and anchors.
Finally, the price of armored doors varies according to the type, level of security, dimensions and processing of the panels. It should always be kept in mind that this is a very important and decisive element for the safety of the home and those who live it, for which it would be worth bearing a more substantial expense.

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