SketchUp 2021, here are some new features

SketchUp 2021, here are some new features

A livello grafico, le prime due novità sono il logo e la nuova interfaccia quando si inizia un nuovo disegno. 

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29 June 2023

In a period of pandemic that has brought many realities to a standstill, the software world has been on the move. In fact, the new updated version of SketchUp 2021 has been released.

The updated features of SketchUp 2021 are based on suggestions from users themselves, a sign of how much the company cares about its customers’ opinions.

On a graphical level, the first two new features are the logo and the new interface when starting a new drawing.
It is the software itself that announces the change of direction with these words: ‘After eight years of growth and evolution, a lot of thought went into this new brand […]’ and ‘[…] we wanted something simple, yet advanced that represented the foundation of our new brand’.

SketchUp and the environment
One of the characteristics of today’s architecture is the relationship with the topic of sustainable development and the design of low-emission buildings. The environment and its respect are the motives behind the new PreDesign function.
Using PreDesign, in fact, users can make their model compliant with current environmental requirements and regulations.
PreDesign provides users with all meteorological and atmospheric data in a specific area. This data is really very useful for all professionals who will make eco-friendly models.
In addition, the software’s local solar path diagrams per hour show users exactly where to provide shade and where to place any solar panels or sunscreens.

The New Way of Managing Tags
One of the main updated features is the new tag management function.
The new management system includes the possibility of using folders, so that users can organise their files more easily.
The functionality is very similar to that of layers, with the possibility of grouping or toggling the entire folder on/off to hide/show things in the model.

Live Components
Another new feature are the live components, which are available in the 3D Image Gallery for all users and are designed and programmed with the logic of allowing changeable modelling through intervention in the data characterising them in real time. They are, in fact, configurable objects that automatically redesign themselves in real time.
It will therefore be left to the most experienced users to manage these elements, which also reveal potential if used correctly.

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