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29 June 2023

RAL, is a term to define a standardized color scale used mainly in the field of paints and coatings.

Tabella colori RAL

There are two RAL Classic scales, RAL 840-HR for matt colors including 213 colors, and RAL 841-GL for bright colors including 196 colors. RAL 840 was introduced in 1927 with 40 color samples; today 30 of these are still present, out of a total of almost 2000 defined colors.

The RAL classification consists of 4 digits, the first of which identifies the main color gradation:

1xxx yellow: from RAL 1000 green beige to RAL 1034 pastel yellow
2xxx orange: from yellow orange RAL 2000 to pearl orange RAL 2013
3xxx red: from RAL 3000 fire red to RAL 3031 orient red
4xxx violet: from RAL 4001 reddish lilac to RAL 4012 pearly blackberry
5xxx blue: from RAL 5000 purplish blue to RAL 5026 pearl night blue
6xxx green: from RAL 6000 patina green to RAL 6038 bright green
7xxx gray: from RAL 7000 gray to RAL 7048 pearl mouse gray
8xxx brown: from RAL 8000 greenish brown to RAL 8029 pearl copper
9xxx white / black: from RAL 9001 cream white to RAL 9023 pearl dark gray

Source Wikipedia: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAL_(scala_di_colori)

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