Moller House

Adolf Loos – Moller House, Starkfriedgasse, Vienna, Austria, 1927-1928

During one of his trips to Vienna in 1927, Adolf Loos accepts the assignment received from textile entrepreneur Hans Moller to design his house on his own land.

The land was in one of the most desirable residential areas of Vienna, Pötzleinsdorf, the excellent exposure, facing south and therefore very sunny, accessible from the north through the Starkfredgasse.

The façade overlooking the street is symmetrical and sober: "outside the house is simple, inside its richness is shown in all its fullness". The element that breaks this geometry is the parallelepiped that protrudes over the entrance. The back overlooking the garden is the opposite, it staggers progressively generating terraces, it is a "private" front to be used and appreciated only by the owners of the house.

Interior spaces
The external load-bearing walls allow the Raumplan to develop inside. The space gear is a work of art similar to Villa Müller in Prague, where plants break and the living room and dining room connect with the other rooms.

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