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2 - The Spa today: types and characteristics

The private spa

Today, to counter the hectic life of every day, the need to dedicate one's free time to wellness and relaxation is growing. The frequent request has made its way to include areas dedicated to this type of activity even within private homes. Depending on the spatial availability, it will be possible to recreate the right environment for each individual need. They range from the conversion of the bathroom in a relaxing environment, in the case of small spaces, to real private wellness centers in the case of large sizes. However, it is necessary to follow some practical tips for a correct installation of the structures aimed at body care.
Initially it is important to understand where to place the wellness area being careful as the environment will produce a lot of humidity. The first element to consider is the floor that must be impermeable to water: for this purpose, the surfaces covered with tiles, such as those in the bathroom, will be perfect. Another fundamental factor is the ventilation of the environment which must be ensured to ensure the exchange of air by avoiding the stagnation of water and humidity.
Inside private houses, there are usually saunas, showers and hydro-massage baths. These are the basic elements to recreate a real wellness path.
The sauna requires high temperatures, around 80 ° and for this reason it must always be accompanied by a shower that can cool the body and restore the correct blood pressure. Often the shower becomes chromotherapy thanks to the addition of a system of colored lights that can stimulate the senses and relax the soul. Finally, the whirlpool tub cannot be missing: of different shape, it will have costs and consumptions commensurate with the dimensions. The choice of materials and colors for the bathroom environment will also play a fundamental role: soft and neutral colors, natural materials and smooth surfaces will contribute to maintaining a feeling of tranquility and peace. The most important difference in having the good fortune to enjoy a small spa in your own home and having to go to specialized centers, consists in avoiding the embarrassment in sharing intimate spaces with unknown people.

     Examples of bathroom environment with sauna and whirlpool tub
Right photo:

Large wellness centers

The structures dedicated entirely to body care are now growing continuously in urban, peri-urban territories, in marine and mountain resorts. These are large complexes that offer a wide range of services to the users who frequent them.
The coherence that the wellness center must have with the context in which it is located is the basis of the entire design process. Archetypes and materials are taken from the local tradition and revisited in a modern key thanks to the use of innovative technologies.
Inside a wellness center, a sauna, a Turkish bath, an emotional shower, a swimming pool, a hot tub, relaxation rooms and special rooms designed ad hoc cannot be missing.
Designed to offer a memorable experience, the wellness clubs aim to regenerate the mind and body of those who visit it. According to a holistic perspective, this type of structure must offer multiple services capable of restoring mind and body in their entirety. Body care starts from the path between sauna and Turkish bath to end in aesthetic and rehabilitative treatments.
Often, in the case of centers that arise in valuable places, the design solutions are aimed at recreating a continuum between the internal and external environment. A famous example is the Terme di Prè Saint Didier, overlooking Mont Blanc and which has become the most popular in Italy, thanks to the wealth of local waters that can give invigorating and relaxing benefits. The historic building dating back to the 1800s has been preserved and enlarged reaching 500 m2 divided over three floors above ground and a basement. Among the many services, you can include the outdoor swimming pool to observe the mountain landscape and the solarium available during the summer season.

View of the complex of the Terme di Prè Saint Didier

Terme di Prè Saint Didier: large hot tub that extends between inside and outside

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