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Spa inside the hotel facilities

This is a practice that is widely used today: the inclusion of spas and wellness centers within an accommodation facility. If on the one hand this type of intervention can guarantee greater visibility and added value to the hotel compared to its competitors, on the other it is essential to pay attention to the design choices. In fact, risky choices could cause unsustainable costs in future management. However, if you work with awareness and responsibility, planning the intervention with trained professionals, the benefits will be manifold. First of all, the upgrading of complexes that would normally only work in the summer and which thanks to the addition of indoor Spas become accessible throughout the year.
Usually the premises in question are located either in the basement space or in the attic of the hotel where you can enjoy the surrounding panorama. The choice to open the Spa also to external users with respect to the hotel structure, will determine the need for adequate dimensions for a greater flow of users.
In any case, what really matters is that the whole hotel-wellness center is designed to ensure consistency and offer a multisensory and memorable experience. Furthermore, the center will have to satisfy different needs: from overnight stay to dinner, from massage to fitness, everything must follow one another in harmony. For those wishing to enjoy the wellness of the Spa but with privacy, the choice may fall on the structures equipped with suites with private sauna and whirlpool, in order to obtain great relaxation in full respect of privacy.

Solarium overlooking the sea and internal whirlpool tub in a suite of the Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri

Spa inside gyms

Similarly to hotel structures, even in the case of gyms, the solution that includes the insertion of a Spa can be found. For example, gyms for women only are being spread in which changing rooms are being added to the changing rooms for Turkish baths, saunas and emotional shower. These are wellness centers where you can dedicate yourself to 360 ° care and beauty; from physical activity to massage, from aesthetic treatments to the path between vapors and water, everything is designed to recover the psycho-physical balance.
It is a new concept of the gym, no longer seen as a place of physical effort and fatigue but of relaxation and well-being. The combination of physical activity-treatments is now considered an excellent remedy to cure body and mind. As for the spatial conformation, it is good to divide the fitness area from the wellness area through a relaxation room where you can rest after sport and sip an herbal tea waiting for the Spa path.
These environments must also be equipped with showers that can be used between the moments of the experience.

Gym and Spa inside the Ceresio7 GYM & SPA center in Milan

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Wellness center


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