Row house with patio 18

1:100 Scale dwg file (meters)

Project scheme for a terraced residence with patio and garden. The file consists of two solutions: the first with an L shape, the second practically linear. In the first solution with the L-shape, there is an overlap of the garden that is positioned in axis with the adjacent unit. The second solution instead is simpler and more linear and it is also possible not to offset the units.
The living room of the first solution faces the garden to the side, in the second solution it faces frontally. The choice can therefore be determined based on the orientation of the array and therefore of the best possible exposure. The patio functionally divides the kitchen-dining area from the living-room area, but both are open to the patio. The sleeping area consists of two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, the master bedroom has its own balcony-loggia. The entrance is protected by a spacious veranda.
For both the schemes we propose different solutions of elevation, with parapet in wood or masonry, from the modern style to the Mediterranean one.
Ground floor covered area (living area): 60 sqm
Surface first floor (sleeping area): 60 sqm
Patio area 12 sqm
Garden area 38 sqm
Entrance and parking area: 40 square meters

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