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Abacus of the fixtures

The fixture abacus is a document used in the building and construction sector to identify and define in detail the technical characteristics and measurements of the fixtures to be replaced or installed in a building.

This document represents a sort of technical guide that contains specific information on fixtures, such as doors and windows, which will be the subject of renovation, repair or replacement works. The fixture schedule can be requested or drawn up by professionals in the sector, such as architects, engineers, designers or by companies specialized in the supply and installation of fixtures.

Typical information that may be included in the fixture schedule includes:

precise dimensions, detailed window measurements, including height, width and depth, to ensure precise replacement:

technical specifications, information on construction material, type of glass, type of frame, thermal and acoustic insulation, surface finishes and other technical characteristics;

details of accessories, such as handles, hinges, opening systems, safety devices and other components related to fixtures;

regulations and certifications, quality standards or certifications of compliance with industry standards to guarantee the safety and performance of the fixtures.

The fixture abacus is an important tool as it helps to ensure that fixtures are chosen correctly, in line with the technical specifications and current regulations, ensuring quality work and better efficiency during the renovation or construction building.

In this category there are dwg files useful for design: schedule of fixtures with various types of opening.
Wide choice of files for all the designer’s needs.

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