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Industrial doors

Industrial closures and doors are generally made with sandwich panels in painted steel or aluminium. These panels usually include an internal layer of polyurethane foam that performs several functions:

thermal insulation, helping to isolate the internal environment from the outside. This is particularly important in industrial environments where it is necessary to maintain controlled temperatures or minimize heat dispersion;

acoustic insulation, reducing the transmission of sound through the door or door, helping to create quieter environments or limit external noise;

structural rigidity, providing greater rigidity to the door or door, guaranteeing stability and structural resistance;

lightness, despite their robustness, sandwich panels with polyurethane foam remain relatively light, which facilitates the installation and management of industrial doors.

In this category there are dwg files useful for designing closures and doors of factories, warehouses and industrial warehouses: detailed drawings with windows, ventilation grills or special windows.
Wide choice of dwg files for all the designer’s needs.

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