Savoye Villa

Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris) – Pierre Jeanneret, Poissy, France, 1929-1931

Villa Savoye is a private residence located in Poissy in the Parisian banlieue, designed by Le Corbusier (pseudonym Charles-Eduard Jeanneret-Gris), master of rationalist architecture, and by Pierre Jeanneret, built between 1928 and 1931 on commission by Pierre Savoye. It is the most famous manifesto of the modern movement and in particular of architectural cubism. It is among the monuments considered to be part of the 20th century heritage by the CMN (Center des monuments nationaux).

villa Savoye architecture

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Villa Savoye 2D


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Villa Savoye 2D+3D


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Villa Savoye 3D


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Villa Savoye – Structure

Structure analysis

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Villa Savoye (outdoor photos)

Villa Savoye (interior photos)

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